The Allman Butter Band

Ladies and Gentleman! Paying tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Allman Brothers Band. We have a stellar line up as well. Danny Williams from The Barry Mando Project, The Smithdogs and Bluegrass Collective will be on guitar and vocals. Don Rogers from Bluegrass Collective, Green Genes and Kentucky Wild Horse will also be on guitar. Roddy Puckett from Owsley County, Bluegrass Collective, Green Genes and Captain Wingnut and The Burnt Ends will be holding down the bass. Brad Slutskin from Green Genes and Very Garcia Band will be on B-3 Organ. Todd Copeland from Green Genes, The Other Brothers, Sundown Service and Tribe Called Lex and John-Paul Nowak from Captain Wingnut and the Burnt Ends and Cornmeal will be on the drums. Eric Cummins from The Eric Cummins Band playing Slide guitar and doin' some singing. Logan Morford from Sundown Service on guitar and vocals.