Coralee Townie

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Since 2010, Lexington, Kentucky-based Coralee and the Townies have earned multiple generations of devoted fans with original music self-defined as Honky-Tonk-Soul. With the release of a self-titled EP in 2010, a full-length album, Criminal Pride, in 2014, and hundreds of live local performances the sextet is a local favorite -whooping and weeping with traditional authenticity and contemporary energy, with Coralee’s charismatic vocals front and center and the veteran team of Townies providing a righteous, raucous rootenanny soundtrack around her.


In 2018, Coralee relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where she continues to write and perform as a solo artist. With a commitment to honest and divulging narratives and raw, impassioned delivery, Coralee’s solo performances offer a captivating and intimate engagement with the artist and the song.